The Scranton Government: Where Incompetence Is A Way Of Life!

It does not take much to realize that the people who lead and control the government of Scranton have little talent. If this is a stretch to say, we can confidently ask “where the results?” This American city is a proverbial waste land in terms of economic prospects or progress in innovation, but somehow this remains acceptable, why?

Getting Used To Failure

The worst thing to happen to any person, institution, government, or society is to warm up to the idea of losing. There is perhaps nothing more pernicious to human dignity and damaging to the human soul than embracing the notion that losing is okay. It creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. It cultivates a climate of woe and depression. Think of any sports team that has had a long losing streak and you begin to see the idea of failure begin to embody the entire franchise. It will corrupt everything it touches like some sort of pestilence or curse. It is for this reason why it is so heinous and offensive for the Scranton government to continue with its policies of incompetence unchecked or unexposed. There is no way conceivable that anyone with any sanity can believe that Scranton is not being controlled by talent-less incompetents. For God’s Sake look at the website!(here) It looks like it was made in 1998. They fail to accomplish basic services and kid themselves that they are not as bad as the worst case scenario. The streets are horrible. The houses are losing value and falling apart. Living in Scranton is like a death sentence because of the foolishness that takes place in Scranton City Hall. Ask the Mayor or Councilman what exact plans do they have to make the city prosperous and you will quickly find they have no idea how to accomplish this. I am told that the mayor belongs to some secret political society and gets his orders from them- well, not so secret any longer! They do not even have the good sense to copy other cities. It does not take any brilliance to copy a working model, but somehow the Scranton government is incapable of doing just that.

The Blame Game

I guess it would be unfair to point the finger solely at the leadership, or lack thereof, in the Scranton government. It is true that the city of Scranton is under the gripes of a shadowy enterprise of devious immoral charlatans(“confederate of dunces”) who would be at home in places like Russia or North Korea- But let’s face it, not even Russia or North Korea would have them. Despite this being the sad and pathetic case, the ultimate fault nevertheless lies on everyone in the Scranton government who is going along with this farce and injustice. You men and women have taken oaths and pledge your honor to do right by the Scranton people and America at large. I have watched as the city councilmen begin every meeting with the pledge of allegiance to the flag of America. How can the condition of Scranton be any evidence of dedication or pledge of allegiance to America or the American people? It is particular repugnant for people to not keep their vows. It is additionally treasonous to conspire with shadowy groups against the will of the public. It is a dishonor that stinks to high heaven to allow this atrocious scheme to go on any further. Every Scrantonian is fully justified in viewing the Scranton government and cohorts with contempt. There can be no civility where theft abounds. This is disgrace is the sort of thing that makes Isis look quaint in comparison. Far worst is it for our men and women to die on the battle field defending liberty and freedom, just to know that the very deaths of these veterans are being mocked by the incompetent, ignoble and corrupt. May have God mercy on us all!

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