The Scranton Government Needs To Go!

In the private sector, hires are made with expectation that they will add value to the company or business. The business then has a set measure of performance –profitability- and it is through this measure that the businesses can gauge how it is performing. The business can be assured that if it does well by its customers than its profits will increase or its customers will find go to someone else. This system works so well that nearly every facet of our society is maintained by this arrangement except one- government.

The Scranton Government Art of Producing Nothing

The notion that the Scranton government somehow justifies the excessive fees it levies on its citizens is absurd. Even a child could take a cursory look at the city and quickly come to the conclusion that the government is ineffectual and incompetent. The great debates of the day in Scranton usually resolve around how someone is going to hand in their chips to obtain some political favor or how the Scranton government will rob the Scranton people to benefit the families that control the NEPA area. Yes, that’s right. The Scranton area is controlled by families! It is like we have taken a trip into a time warp where the only thing missing is the public floggings. The result of this nepotism is that the people who make up the ranks of the Scranton government are not there because of their talents or competence. The city suffers from lack of ideas, ability and talent. The area is structured as some grand ponzi scheme where government contracts are mainly handed to friends of the government. The idea that this culture of corruption and sleaze can be managed is delusional. The only course of action is to seriously bid the Scranton government farewell. There should be a policy in this area to only elect people who have nothing to do with this entire area. I truly believe that a bunch of students from NYU or Columbia could do a better job running the Scranton government than the people who are currently in office making a mess of the place.

A Deal with the Devil

The time is over for pretending that we can make a deal with the devil and hope he keeps up his end of the bargain. The political machine of Scranton should not have one iota of our compliance. We know who these cretins are. We know what they have done and will continue to do. Our only recourse is to fire them- do not accept their services any longer. The idea that we should accept the performance of the Scranton government, and the increasing off fees/taxes is akin to saying we should pay to live in Scranton. Honestly, who in the right mind would actually pay to live in Scranton? They have done a banged up job of making this place absolutely unattractive. It is ranked as the unhappiest place city in America and the sole reason for this is the wholesale corruption that thrives in this area. Let’s say No to the Status Quo and put this city on the path to prosperity. All starts with speaking out and challenging the foolishness that pervades in this city. We have already begun the step!

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