Scranton Lives In Fear Of Its Own Government

When you tell someone about what is going on in Scranton and how the city is in the grips of menacing tyrants, you get the reaction that such a notion is too hard to believe. That is understandable. The way the Scranton and NEPA area function is hard to believe for someone who has not witnessed the corruption first hand. There is this idea that we live in a nation of laws where everyone is govern and held accountable to the rule of law. We often look at other countries with sympathy when we see their society controlled by wholesale corruption and violence. Due to areas like Scranton, I doubt that as Americans we can really point the finger any longer.

Don’t Speak

Everyone in Scranton knows that Scranton is controlled by a political machine that uses criminal tendencies to silence the opposition. The question that immediately arises is why doesn’t anyone talk about it? The local News Paper is curiously silent about the fact that Scranton is ran like a kingdom (here) and that there is a political machine that has its tentacles into nearly every facet of Scranton society- yuck!. Most people in Scranton are so accustomed to the barbaric corruption that they have become desensitized to it. It is as if that they are so used to the people in power in the Scranton being corrupt that it is actually expected. The upper brass of Scranton society has carefully fostered a culture that is deprived of conviction, pride or honor, and thus it becomes common place to commit the most atrocious acts of injustice and impropriety without batting an eye or losing sleep. For those who are not from Scranton here is a list of the sort of nonsense that happens in Scranton at the hands of the political elites or what we like to call the “confederate of dunces”:

  1. Seizure of Property
  2. Death Threats
  3. Intimidation Tactics
  4. Threats to your place of work and people connected to you
  5. Being Harassed by the police
  6. Surprise audits or Inspection
  7. Levying fees or fines on you for no reason
  8. And getting harmed or having an “accident” happen to you
  9. Seizing your business
  10. Using the courts to create frivolous lawsuits

This is all happening in America. I mean we really have nothing to fear from Isis when we have homegrown terrorist right here in American soil defiling the halls of our government through corruption and spitting on the graves of our Veterans by making their deaths seem in vain.

Many of the people of Scranton are well aware of this but feel afraid that there will be grave consequences for speaking out. Nevertheless, there are those who are still willing to speak out despite the “repercussion” of these shadowy cowards. After all, if that were true, wouldn’t Save Scranton pack up and leave a long time ago? The political machine in Scranton functions in many respects like a bully. The secret to bullies is that they are really cowards. Once someone stands up to a bully, you find that the only thing keeping people at bay is the fear the bully will do something. What makes the bully so special? Why are they so invincible? They aren’t! It is merely an illusion, an illusion that falls apart at the seams when someone says “NO!”

The Domino Effect

People are talking. Yes, people are talking on the streets and in the halls of government about the reality of Scranton. Scrantonians are increasingly becoming emboldened to speak out and defend themselves against the unjust tactics of the Scranton government. We now see protest being organized and law suits being filed. The momentum is increasing! I am glad to announce that this is the just the beginning. It was only a matter of time before people begin getting fed up and realizes that this sort of unfairness cannot stand. We at Save Scranton remain resolute in our position that we will defend the constitutional rights of the Scranton people. To that end, we will enlarge our fight and increase our ranks. Expect us! We are not going anywhere!

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