Your Money Or Your Life

The mob has an old trick where they scurry around neighborhoods to find some hapless store keeper and give him an offer he cannot refuse. They basically tell him that he will pay protection money or suffer the consequences. In many ways, the Scranton government behaves exactly like a mob.

What Am I Paying For?

The city is in shambles. There is little that anyone can point to that will suggest that there is any promising future for Scranton. The idea that people should rejoice because of a new mall that was purchased for pennies on the dollar is an intellectual offense. How are retail jobs that pay minimum wage suppose to provide the proper economic climate to stave off an economic depression? Furthermore, the economic depress that Scranton faces is due to the greed of the political machine, or what I like to call the “confederate of dunces”, and their inability to come up with good ideas. What is truly maddening is that they wouldn’t even have to come up with new ideas. They could just do what third world countries do, copy developed nations. Thus, Scranton could easily follow the strategies that have been incorporated by other small cities in America. Things like incorporating technology into the infrastructure, inviting businesses into the area, utilizing tourism and marketing to generate traffic and creating strategic partnerships, but  of course will be difficult to do these things when the city is controlled by a horde of greedy incompetents. No one wants to do business with losers. When all of this is considered, the Scranton tax payer really needs to ask “what exactly am I paying for?” The truth is the Scranton tax payer is just paying to survive. This is the same con game that the mob uses to extort money from local business. They literally want you to pay for the right to exist.

No Thanks

Imagine if the Scranton government was a business, would you pay for its services? If Scranton was like a mobile phone, it would be like those old school flip phones. What’s worse is that the service wouldn’t even work and you would have to pay more for it than a modern phone. That is what living in Scranton is like. Let’s be honest, the Scranton government should pay people to live in Scranton, not the other way around. There is hardly anyone who has any prospects coming to Scranton when they have other options. And as it continually noted, the only college students who stay in Scranton are the ones who do not have better options. No one actually plans to come to Scranton on purpose. The reason for this being that there is nothing in this city that points to a future of prosperity. The political machine that has it greasy fingers on the city has managed to make the city uniquely unattractive. The result is that the citizens are thrust with either acknowledging that Scranton Sucks because of corruption or believing that they can thrive in spite of the corruption. After all, there is absolute agreement that the Scranton area and government is corrupt. There is no debate there.

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