Living Without Pride

I imagine that if I were in control of a political machine I would have pretty interesting family dinners. It would be strange to talk about lessons on integrity, hard work, patriotism, military valor, justice, righteousness, philosophy, law, or even morality when I am a professional parasite/traitor. I wonder if there is like a parasite handbook they pass down on how to take without giving anything back. It is quite contrary to the values that shaped this country. I guess for some people the ends justify the means, even if it means living without pride or integrity.

No Character, No Problem

There are clearly no qualifications to have many of the coveted employment positions in Scranton because they are given to people based on affiliation. This has a domino effect of creating a culture where those with little ability, who in turn perform minimally, foster a climate  that results in a lackluster performance across the board. Concepts like self-esteem and dignity do not seem to be important notions in those reaches. Well, if that is the case, and it definitely is, how is Scranton ever going to be a viable city? Who in their right mind would want to do business with a pack of degenerate none performers? There is no executive in his right mind that will take a glance of Scranton as it currently is and say “yes, this is where I hope to move my enterprise and do business.” A cursory view of the city will yield landmarks of boarded up businesses that stand as a testament of regret to those who thought they could withstand the corruption, nepotism, incompetence and malaise of the city. They thought they could defy the culture of malfeasance and prosper anyway. This appears to be the same notion many people in the art community possess. They imagine that they can live around the eye sore that is the Scranton government and the corruption that keeps it derelict. As well-meaning as all of this is it denies the reality that there is a tone at the top that influences the culture of the entire society. How can the citizens of Scranton have pride in their city when it is run by people who do not inspire any pride? How can the people of Scranton look forward to better days when people with little character are in control?

The elephant in the Room

The only way for Scranton to get better is to change the way things have been done. It is that simple! There should no longer be an attempt to replicate any of the prior policies or actions that have led to disgrace that the people of Scranton now have to contend with. The people of Scranton has suffered enough humiliation at the hands of these cowards. Even a city councilman himself told me plainly that the city was in the hands of immoral people. The time is now to put away these past dealings and to do what we already know is right. This is the only way to change this city and regain its fallen pride- an entirely new deal!


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