Lurking In The Shadows

The average Scrantonian is well aware  that there is an insidious force at work in keeping Scranton crippled and decrepit. The city council is seemingly oblivious to this but we all know that cannot possibly be the case in reality. There is no way Scranton can be this despoiled without a careful orchestrated plan by a confederate of dunces.

Keeping Low

Yes, the people behind the scenes are truly behind the scenes. No one in America will ever know them because they have zero accomplishment besides the uncanny ability of putting their hands in other people’s wallets. While the names of the eminent will rise to be a sign and symbol for progress and achievement, the people who work in the Scranton government, and the machine that empowers it through undermining activities, will be known for being nothing but failures. Where is their pride? Well, I guess the sold it off with the remaining government assets that are at their disposal. Here is an idea, how about the entire of city of Scranton cease going along with this farce? Why continue this charade like the Scranton City isn’t a joke, isn’t without any money and the people behind this are not morally bankrupt. The idea that these people have children is pretty astonishing. Just think how unconscionable it is to be associated with such disgrace through birth. Yikes!

Playing Dumb

Thus, the Scranton government and its confederates continue to play dumb. Of course, I am not sure if they are playing. I guess I am being generous in assuming that they are only pretending to be stupid because there are few examples of any intelligence in their midst. Is there anything that has occurred in Scranton that deserves a mark of distinction or recognition? The biggest lie is the idea that the city is getting better because it is better than it was before. That is like saying someone is healthy because they used to have cancer but now they only have a stroke. The city has zero prospects going forward with the current status quo in place. The Scranton people are well aware of this and their plan is to attempt to leave as soon as they can. We at Save Scranton  have a better idea. Why should the people of Scranton move when they had nothing to do with the mess that is being perpetuated by the Scranton government and company? The people in the Scranton government and the political machine behind it should move. They should find real jobs and perform meaningful work besides stealing the property of others. Let these shadowy figures obtain some dignity and do something worthwhile, something that people can be proud of. It is obvious that there would be little chance that these people would move willingly. After all, who in the right mind would allow a horde of parasites into their community? It would be worst than having a plague. Instead, we at Save Scranton and our growing base will make life as uncomfortable for those in the shadows as it is for everyone else in Scranton. It is only fair that they enjoy their handy work! #savescranton

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