The Scranton Government’s Sticky Fingers

The Scranton tax payer really has to question where the taxes and fees their paying are going? It is a fair question. After all, it is the tax payer who is fronting the bill for government to continue running. The claim is that the taxes are there to support government services. The city is in the dumps so I am not sure what government services this is referring to. I hear that the only thing they can compare it to is the worst case scenario. Like the argument “Scranton can become like Wilkes-Barre with all that crime!” This is an argument that tyrants and despots have used for ages to justify excessive government fees. But really where does the money go?

Money, money, money, money!!!

Well, the Scranton tax payer can be rest assured that the Scranton government employee is being paid extremely well. How well? Weill, the Scranton government budget almost entirely goes to Scranton employee compensation(here). We are talking about at least 80% of the budget going to the pockets of government workers. Wait! Why does the Scranton tax payer have to pay for all these government employees compensation when the city is run down? Why can’t some of these employees be let go and find a job in the private sector like the rest of us? That is a good question. The kingdom of Scranton(here) doesn’t function like a normal business that is accountable to shareholders. Nope! In the kingdom of Scranton the government works for the political society that controls it. The Scranton tax payer is basically a peasant that toils the field for the fat tax collector to come and take an excessive share of the crops. I mean if you are going to take all of these tax dollars, at least do something for the city. Well, let’s take a gander at what they are doing for the city. They are going to sell the sewer authority, raise taxes again, and then pray that this will be enough to keep people around long enough to steal more of their money. I have long since told Scrantonians they shouldn’t pay a dime until basic services are met. The government of Scranton should fire employees it cannot afford, lower taxes and invite businesses into the city. But of course the jobs of the government employees are precious while the jobs of the rest of us are low paying and basically worthless. Go Figure!

Getting Fed Up

People are really fed up! And they have a right to be fed up. The government of Scranton is literally hording wealth for itself at the expense of the entire city. To make matters worse, this wealth is not even theirs. Like leeches, they suck the life blood of the Scranton tax payer and attempt to justify it with a straight face. The Scranton tax payer needs to be reminded that taxes are your money. They do not belong to the Scranton government. Especially when the Scranton government has done little to improve the city beside claim that they are not as incompetent as they were before. This sort of lack luster performance would never make it in the private sector. I guess this is why they are in government and not the private sector.

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