The Failure Of The Scranton Political Elite

There is this notion that corruption is everywhere. I used to think the same thing when I heard about Scranton being the most corrupt place in America. I thought, “Gee, it cannot possibly be that bad.” I thought the corruption in Scranton was the sort where you get a politician doing favor for friends or a crooked cop or two. No, the sort of corruption that takes place in Scranton is debilitating. The city is in ruins because of it. It is a culture of corruption. It is the African third world country type of corruption and that may be a bit too offensive for their Africans. They have an excuse.

Losing With Style

This is what is perhaps quite puzzling for an outsider. It is understood that there is this mad dash for power in the local political arena. The area is rife with despotism and crony business dealings. Everyone wants that good government job with all the benefits. This is not unique to Scranton, this sort of story plays out in many other places in America. What is unique about Scranton is the sheer incompetence of the people in charge. You truly couldn’t do a better job of ruining an American city even if you tried. The political society that is in charge is definitely not in place because of intelligence, talent, ability or vision. Consider that Scranton could implement quick fixes like building a railroad that connects other areas to Scranton. They could utilize the major highways to create shipping hubs. They could court manufacturing companies to come into town and take advantage of the well placed topography. Technology is a big win and can be easily implemented within the infrastructure of the city. Instead of attempting any of this, the political elite would rather stare at a wall because I assume that is what they are doing all day. They have to be staring at walls because nothing ever gets done in Scranton. A government insider told me that they wanted to do something simple like create a calendar for the website to keep Scrantonians updated. Guess what? It took them an entire year of deliberating how they would go about doing something that a child with a little bit of knowledge of code could do. The calendar still isn’t dynamic because doing something is not the business of the Scranton government.

Scranton Government Business

The job of the Scranton government is to make up excuses for why things have to continue the way they are. It is the sort of gutless and feckless thing that bureaucrats are notorious for but in Scranton it is taken to a whole different level. A typical city council hearing is a never ending procession of citizens claiming that the city council is fundamentally worthless.  The entrench power of the political elite who enjoy staring at walls far too much would have a heart attack if they actually had to do something that requires talent or ability. It was inevitable that Scranton would come falling into to pieces when you have a collection of incompetents running things. What Scranton needs is basic intelligence. Extraordinary talent is not needed to save Scranton.  The city needs a real effort toward economic development and job creation. They need to hire qualified personnel instead of friends and family. The Scranton people deserve to have dignity brought back to their city instead of this embarrassing joke called a government. Where are the small business loans, venture capital, capital projects, tourism, innovation, progress, or ideas? Of course, I guess people wouldn’t spend their days and tax payer money staring at walls if they did have ideas or talent. No wonder china is winning.

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