Integrity For Sale!

This is of course assuming one has integrity in the first place. The NEPA political scene is marred by a procession of the most lackluster performances in any political arena. It is no wonder that people grow apathetic about local politics. If America was run the way Scranton is run, America would be like those third world countries that are controlled by a menacing horde of brutes. Good thing we have standards on in the National level.

Some Reflection

Now, let’s consider what sort of person you would have to be to be part of the machine that is involved in Scranton politics. What I mean by this what sort of psychology would a person like this possess? It is obvious that the person would be devoid of any integrity, honor or moral compass. But beyond that, how does this person sleep at night? Well, I figure that they just have poor character. It is easy to do all sorts of things if you aren’t worried about a conscience, possess little conviction and have wayward faith. The people of Scranton are already well aware of this. I hardly hear a kind word utterly by a local Scrantonian regarding the politically connected. It is great to know that even those among their own ranks find them intolerable. This is great news for us because we will be presenting all the facts that come our way regarding the corruption, malfeasance and incompetence that occurs in Scranton. The old pithy saying that there is no honor among thieves holds true for the political corrupt also, insiders are more than willing to do what they need to get ahead. This is part of the problem with having a culture of corruption, you can’t trust anyone, even the people you think are your friends.

A Message To The Political Elite

You know who you are and rest assured that we know who you are. We want you to sleep tonight knowing that your secrets will one day be exposed for the entire world to see. The funny thing about secrets is that you cannot prevent them being exposed. The beauty of all of this is that we at Save Scranton do not possess any awesome investigative powers. Nope. We found out something really interesting that has us greatly inspired. There is no loyalty among the political elite. They are just as willing to throw one another under the bus as they are willing to throw any local Scrantonian under the bus. After all, what do they have to worry about? We at Save Scranton promise anonymity and have no need to disclose the source of our information. I know many of the politically connected were banking on local Scrantonians falling in line and accepting the Status quo. The problem with that assumption is that it relies on the notion that no one has anything to gain from making someone in the ranks of the politically connected look bad. And we all know that can’t be true, right? Good luck! #Save Scranton

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