Scranton: A Guide To Legal Theft

Many of us could use an extra couple of bucks but we are limited by all sorts of things. There seems to never be enough time and opportunities appear scarce. Some may go so far as to engage in illegal activities but that would be a fast track to jail. This is when you need to get your hands on the nifty “Scranton Guide to Legal Theft”.

Perverting Justice

Most of us are raised to believe that theft is wrong. Obviously, when someone steals they are taking not only the property of someone else, but the very time it took that person to accumulate the wages to obtain that property in the first place. Stealing is literally robbing someone of their life i.e time. Our mothers had the right idea to warn against this sort of behavior. Some of us are not as scrupulous. Some people have found a way to steal without getting caught because they use the framework of the law to protect them. How do they do this you ask? Well, the first thing you do is use criminal influences to intimidate and scare people into submission. Next, you use unions and identity politics to seize control of local government politics. Then, you use the government to rob tax payers but forcing them to pay outrageous fees for nothing. It is the equivalent of a shakedown or extortion. If anyone rocks the boat, you go back to the criminal influences to intimidate and scare. Or, you can use the very government to levy fines and other acts of intimidation.

A Travesty

Instead of government being a means to ensure and preserve the public trust, governments like Scranton actually work to undermine the very reason for the existence of government. The psychopaths involved in this are simply incapable of understanding how heinous such an act is. As I understand it, there is hardly a time when someone doesn’t get a good job in this area without being politically connected. This would mean that people do not obtain their employment due to competence or skilled. The result being that the city is controlled by a host of talentless, incompetent, Cretans. The people of Scranton are in many respects being held hostage. The political machine that controls this city is comparable to the way North Korea runs. The only difference is that North Korea is still capable of actually accomplishing things like making missiles or forming trade deals with china. What has been the result of the “political society” that controls Scranton? Well, hordes of Scrantonians on the system, no businesses, blighted homes, high crime, public assets being sold off, no progress, no innovation, and little understanding of the modern world. Honestly, the government website looks like it was made in 1998. I doubt that anyone in the government has any understanding of any of the current technologies that are within arm’s length in today’s world. The eye sore that has become Scranton is the handy work of a conspiracy of dunces. The good news is that it is impossible to do such a terrible job without people asking questions and without people getting fed up. It is only a matter of time before someone gets wind of this blog and begins investigating. Real investigative journalism doesn’t happen in this area. Just imagine what will happen when CNN, MSNBC or FOX takes a look at Scranton. We can hardly wait!

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