The Skinny From A Scrantonian

Today, I was privileged to be briefed on the specifics of the city by a local. It is always fascinating for me to have this opportunity because I never cease to be amazed by what I discover. The person who recently sat down with me was a Scranton insider who told me about the inner workings of Scranton.

And the Story goes..

My source explained to me that the city was a booming place back in the 40s and that it was a hard life for those coal miners who lived in Scranton. He went on to say

“Ok, so here’s a brief demographic of the area that the numbers won’t tell you: This area is mixed melting pot of everything you envisioned Pennsylvania being. You have your artisans and liberals who are anti-everything that they don’t “feel” is right, regardless of consequences or repercussion. You have rednecks and hillbillies who are super conservative and hate change, government and taxes. You have rampant hatred for people and races of any color other than their own, and mistrust for outsiders who they think will try to change their ways of life. New thoughts and ideas are shunned and treated like “witchcraft” was in the 1600s. They cling to “the way it was” like there is nothing better, and they live in the past. People of all races and creeds come to this area thinking it will be a respite from the big city life, and most end up looked down upon as outsiders or invaders.

It was more than just the fall of the coal mining industry that brought this area down. Even though it played a good part and was the beginning of the end, it’s a story that can be found up and down the east coast for most small towns-The decline of mining and industry to outsourcing to foreign counties, decline of the railroads to trucking and alternative means of travel, the decline of coal to fossil fuels and oils etc. American life has been outsourced at every level, time and patience has been replaced by instant gratification and a society of “throw away” lifestyles. Every time the big guy wins at the expense of the little guy in this game and it will only get worse as time goes on. Regan back in the 80’s talked about trickle-down economics, and to a degree he was correct with his assessment. With the passing of NAFTA and other trade agreements, American way of life and sustainment of small towns across the country have been stripped away and sent to overseas manufactures. The almighty dollar rules every decision, and lives and livelihoods are just another number on someone’s tally sheet. The result of these disastrous trade agreements has trickled down to small towns such as Scranton There is hope, but not in a city that sees its only options as taxing their declining populations as the only way out.”

This was pretty insightful. We at Save Scranton will be making more of an effort to allow Scrantonians to anonymously contribute to Save Scranton. There are countless of people we counter who have so much to say. Now they have a forum to say it.

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