The Government Haves And The Working Class Have Nots

This is perhaps the second iteration to the theme that the city of Scranton functions very much like a kingdom(here). The only problem is instead of nobility and pageantry; you have secret political societies whose reputation for incompetence precedes them. The result is a culture of malfeasance and nepotism where the political connected live luxuriously and everyone else has to scrape together a bare existence.

Keeping the People Down

The depression that has over taken the city of Scranton when the coal mining industry collapsed has done quite a number on the general attitude that pervades the area. This is additionally contributed to through the actions of the political machine that exists in Scranton. If the average Scrantonian is busy trying to make a living, they have no time to pay attention to the shenanigans that take place on Main Street. Isn’t it great to be a lawyer, judge or politician that is purchased by the unions? Where the local media is also controlled and the city can operate in a complete vacuum of isolation where the most heinous acts of injustice and impropriety are committed? God Bless America! That is of course until someone decides to do something about it. Can you just imagine how many people read the articles on Save Scranton? Everyone is thinking the same thing. Everyone knows. It is important to for the people of Scranton to realize that there is already a large base of support for change. The growing resentment is everywhere. As well as it should be. The city lies in ruins while old world politics pervade with the belief that they will remain uninterrupted. But how can that be the case when Scranton has become so bad that people do not even like to admit that they are from the place. What a wonderful job the Scranton machine has done.

Duty Before Dishonor

What I wonder is what the values of the people who have perpetuated this scheme? Were the raised by monsters? Like who thinks that milking a city until it is becomes a proverbial wasteland is something to be proud of? It is obvious that the people who are behind this aren’t the most competent or intelligent people around. Why couldn’t they perpetuate their scheme while keeping the city viable and economically sound? Even China and Iran manage to rule with complete authoritarianism while still advancing the progress of their respective states. Yes, a politician in Scranton couldn’t even make it in China- a place with a single a party system and near absolute political rule. Seriously, it would be great if the incompetent clowns who have managed to run this city to the ground could to just go away. There is nearly nothing left in Scranton suck dry. These leeches can find some other host to suck into oblivion. In fact, I am sure that the Scranton people would even pay for them to leave. Heck, all of America would. Oh yeah, Scrantonians are already paying through excessive taxes to live in a waste land.

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