Scranton Is Being Drowned With High Taxes

One of the recurring complaints that we hear at Save Scranton is that the taxes and fees for the city is too high. Many Scrantonians are gearing up to move because living in Scranton has become a very expensive proposition. What’s up with all these high taxes?

Taxes, Taxes, And More Taxes

Nothing like government sanctioned theft! Where are all these taxes going? One would think that with the amount of taxes that is paid in Scranton, Scranton would a busting metropolis. Instead, it is a dying town with little prospects. What gives? Well, it has already been stated by Save Scranton that much of the government’s budget goes to government employee compensation(here). So in order words, the high taxes are to pay for the livelihood of government employees. When the government gets the lion share of the budget, what is left for the city is a paltry sum. Ask if there are any small business loans, venture capitalism, capital projects, or anything that would benefit the city, and the answer will be a resounding no. In the Kingdom of Scranton, the only things that get funded are the sort of things that will benefit the government of Scranton. The people of Scranton are left holding the bill. Of course, many Scrantonains are on to this scam. They want to move but no one will buy their homes. In a sense, they are stuck in this proverbial waste land brought about by the corrupt influences that are in the government.

Is There Relief In Sight?

You bet! Scrantonians can do what other cities in America have done when faced with a government that is out of touch with the people. One time, California got so fed up with their government’s excessive taxes that they went to the ballot and created a law lowering taxes. Yes, the citizens can create laws directly. You do not have to wait for the government to respond to the needs of the people. You can make the government do what the people want. This is the power of voting. This is why it is said that the ballot is stronger than the bullet. Everything that is going on in Scranton is with the permission of the people. The people do not realize that they can change things at anytime. Their collective power trumps anything that the Scranton government can do. Not to mention, the corrupt influences that are controlling the government are not the brightest people around. This is evident by how poorly the city is managed and how closely the malefactors stay to the NEPA area. They purposely keep outside influences out because they could never withstand competition. This is also why they keep companies from moving in and bringing in high paying jobs. High paying jobs would mean people who may challenge the status quo. If the Scranton really want high paying jobs, they are going to have to challenge the system. This is of course assuming that the people of Scranton have a problem with paying so much and being given so little. I just moved here and I already had enough.

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