Scranton Is No Longer A Coal Mining Town!

It was not too long since I came to Scranton that I was told that Scranton is a coal mining town. From there, I was regaled with tales of union strikes and stories about miners. I was informed how Scranton used to be a booming city and that it was said of Scranton that if you could make it there you could make it anywhere. The only problem with all of this is SCRANTON IS NO LONGER A COAL MINING TOWN.

Living in the Past

The way Scrantoanians are with the coal-mining identity reminds me of a middle age women who won home coming queen in high school, but still talks about it like it was yesterday. We all shriek at the notion that a middle age women is still holding on to an identity that is long gone. We would hope that she would have other accomplishments to point to in her long life. The idea that she keeps eluding to her high school days would make it seem like she is grasping for straws- longing for a prestige that is no longer relevant. This is the same way Scranton is about its coal mining past. Scranton is no longer a coal mining town. That past is gone and the city has to move forward. Scranton has not mined coal for decades. There is no one alive in Scranton that can even recall those long forgotten days. There is nothing healthy about people or a city holding on to a past that is no longer.

A New Identity

Scranton needs a psychological make over. The people of Scranton need to come to terms with the fact that there is nothing to look back to. The only thing left for Scranton is to look forward. The Scranton people need to create a new identity. They need to embrace the reality that the power for a better city is in their hands. When it is high tide all the ships rise, this saying means that everyone benefits from prosperity. This city can be prosperous. The industrial parks that exist in this region are all outside the city. This can change. There have been businesses who wanted to come to Scranton but were chase away by the greedy motives of politicians. The reality is that the better days of Scranton is here for the taking and the only thing standing in the way is this obsession with the past. The people of Scranton need to take their destiny into their own hands. The future is bright and amazing. Will Scranton partake in the many advances that other cities are already enjoying? Why does Scranton have to live in the Stone age where there are countless technologies the city can incorporate? I told someone the other day that Scrantonians seem to use negativity as a shield. It is a protective mechanism to save them from potentially being let down. I say this to those who feel this way, anything is better than what is currently going on in Scranton. We should not settle for scrapes that the government bureaucrats give us. We should have our fill at a seat at the table.

Gary St. Fleur

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