How Much Is Your Family Worth?

Warren buffet gave an analogy one day about what it was like to sell off your future. He likens it to a farmer who was selling off portions of his land that were far passed the horizon. The story goes that the farmer kept doing this without realizing that eventually he would run out of farm land. This is akin to what happens when local governments, like the Scranton government, make policies that jeopardize the future.

Selling the Future

The Scranton Government has managed to bankrupt its own employees pensions, sell off the public’s assets, destroy any job prospects and bring the city into extreme disrepair. The only thing Scranton has to currently look forward to is low paying jobs at the mall. The situation is only getting worst as the Scranton government now plans to sell the Sewer Authority in order to pocket the money from the sale. The sewer authority belongs to the people and this is basically theft. The Scranton government banks on its strong-arm tactics and political maneuvering to get away with wholesale robbery. The Scranton people are so used to this deprivation that it has become a way of life to them. Can you imagine? Having the government steal from you is so common place in Scranton that it is considered normal. The thing is that there are families here in Scranton who must support their children and loved ones. What will be left for them when the Scranton Government is finished stealing everything?

Facing Facts

The Scranton Government obviously has a penchant for misinforming the public and basically lying. There is hardly any instant when we can look at the 15 year of Scranton government operations and not come to the conclusion that the people who run the government are either corrupt, incompetent or both. From what I gather, it seems that they are quite corrupt. But let me display some facts: It is not normal to have a city where all the jobs pay minimum wage. It is not normal to have a city when only the politically connected get good jobs. Well, at least this is not normal in America. If you go to other cities in America, you will find that this is not the case at all. And if it were the case, that city would be facing bankruptcy the same way Scranton is. In the end of the day, we all need to confront the reality that what is going on in Scranton is unacceptable and unreasonable. We at Save Scranton will be moving to strike to make a difference. We do not ask for anything except the participation of our fellow Scrantonians. This nonsense in this city has gone on far enough. The list of transgression by the political faction that runs the Scranton government stinks to high heaven. It is a travesty and a disgrace. I find it almost impossible to react to this with any sort of civility. The people who have caused this situation do not deserve civility. They are barbaric.

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