The Power Of “We”

I cannot think of more powerful words than those words that begin our very constitution. “We The People” resonates with a powerful chord because it houses a truth about our world – a truth about the nature of society. It tells us that whatever society that we can conceive cannot bear promising fruit without the inclusion of all people. Do we still believe this today?

Our Dilemma

It is interesting to note that the situation in the Nation parallels that of Scranton Pennsylvania. The situation I am referring to is the lack of interest in politics or cooperation. There was a book written some time ago called “Bowling alone” that spoke to the declination of our interest in civic groups, community groups and even church. We have never found the power of community wanting. Instead, we either do not cooperate or only cooperate for a time and then dissipate. The full force of “We The People” has not been tried by the American or Scrantonian people to the fullest extent, but somehow we found its promise wanting. We have allowed the pessimism of the age to cloud our judgment. We have let the self-interest of the corrupt and personally motivated get the best of us. We no longer look to each other with the confidence that we can be assured that our fellow American wants the best for me.

The Dare

I believe that many of the issues that we face as a nation is the result of our own doing. We have lost faith in our power to assemble and make a difference. If we did assemble, I know that we could face any challenge that currently confronts us. For this reason, I dare everyone reading this to attempt to do something different tomorrow. I dare you to be there for someone. It doesn’t have to be anything great or remarkable. It can be a simple inquiry into how someone is doing or be shoulder to cry on. We should understand that there is no more powerful word in the English language than “WE”. We can make this nation great again. We can make Scranton great again. We are more powerful and more capable than we can ever imagine. I understand the various trails and heartaches that darts the experience of those who have sojourn in the least optimal of circumstances. I hear Scrantonians utterly dejected about the situation in Scranton and I too am in agreement in the dire nature of this city’s situation. What we do not agree on is what to do about this. We will not accept it. I have always thought that when it comes down to it, Americans will always be there for one another. I have seen this during Sept 11 when the city I grew up in was attacked by terrorist. I saw it in the outpouring of love and support during any disaster that has afflicted this nation. I know that the American people are good people. This is why I continue to believe in the power of “We”. We will make a difference.

Gary St. Fleur

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