Politics Gone Bad

Politics has a bad reputation these days and there is no wonder as to why. If you look at local governments like Scranton, you can hardly blame people for having such a negative reaction to government. It goes without saying that politics gives government a bad name.

The Politically Connected

As I frequently speak to the Scranton people a term keeps coming up that I never heard before. Well, I cannot say that I never heard it before but I never heard it used so often. The word is “Politically Connected”. I am told that in order to get a decent job in Scranton you have to be politically connected. The jobs left are low paying jobs that hardly provide a living wage. Thus, the livelihood of you and your family is impaired because of greed and selfishness. What fascinates me is how pervasively this is recognize and understood. It is unconscionable to believe that such a thing is happening in America. It is a form of treason! Can you imagine the countless people who sacrifice their lives so that Americans can have their freedom just for crooks and the morally bankrupt to use their sacrifices to benefit themselves? How can we complain about ISIS when we have homegrown traitors? And do not be deceived, this is treachery! Our nation is falling apart and it is no wonder. We have people who would use the laws of this country to pervert justice and oppress their fellow citizens. What is going on in Scranton is outrageous and offensive! I cannot believe that this is occurring and that it is so wide-spread in nepa area. I truly wonder how the individuals who perpetuate this fraudulent scheme sleep at night. How do they have the nerve to tell their children anything about morality when they themselves are crooks? To take the levers of government which is supposed to rule fairly and pervert it for personal gain is evil! It is worst than theft.

The Tipping Point

We have outrage at the notion that there are organizations like ISIS that want to kill Americans. I say we should reserve our outrage for the homegrown traitors on our own soil who would dare despoil the future of our children for their own personal gain. They weaken our country and are a sense allies to our enemies. Not only is this corrupt, it is also highly stupid. What happens when state after state become bankrupt? What will the corrupt do when they have fulfilled the fullest extent of their corrupt schemes and bankrupted this country? Do they have another America in their wallets that they can turn to? Well, they feed their children with the political connections that no longer exist? It is nonsensical to imagine that perversion and corruption can continue indefinitely. There is always a tipping point. There is always that point where people cannot tolerate anymore. When that day arises it will be the corrupt that will have to deal with the consequences. Because from what I understand, we already know who they are and we already know what they have done. Justice will ultimately prevail and the people will be the instrument to bring Justice forth.

Gary St. Fleur

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