If you could be anything you wanted….

If you had one wish to be or do anything you wanted, what would it be? I want you to really think about your answer. Once you have your answer I want to ask you, if this is what you really want and hope for? If it is then I have something I want to tell all of you.

Why not make it come true?

Why should you leave your wish or dream as just a wish or dream? Every accomplishment that has ever existed in our society has been due to someone believing in the possibility of something being achievable. The reality of what stops us toward reaching our goals is that many of us do not even try in the first place. We make endless excuses about why things can’t change. Instead of making up reasons of why things can be different, we justify our current state and become complacent. One of the worst things that can ever befall a human being is to become content with not wanting more. This may sound strange because we are taught to count our blessings and I wholeheartedly agree that we should count them. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with having passions and making meaningful steps towards that passion.

Our Happiness

Our very happiness is tied into our ability to obtain the things that we want. There is a reason we wish and long for the things that we do. It is interesting to note that before I came to Scranton I assumed that everyone wanted to do more and have more. I took it for granted that it was possible to be in America and not pursue the American dream. I believe that many of the people in Scranton mean well when they tell their kids to seek jobs with good benefits and insurance, but I think that is the wrong lesson to teach your children. We should expect the world from ourselves and from our children. I truly believe that everyone is capable of greatness. After all, I have been witnessed to this so many times. I have friends that have gone on to make millions after starting a company. I knew them when they were just getting started off the ground. They went on to found Kicks on Fire, Reason clothing, Uberfacts, and Unroll.me. Seeing this has left an indelible imprint in my mind that following your dreams is achievable. The people of Scranton need to realize that their very happiness and well-being is tied to wanting more of their selves and others. Once we make that important step, we have countless resources to make our journey to accomplishment. In this day and age, we have the greatest access to information that has ever existed. The founder of WorldStarHiphop found out how to create and manage his site through online tutorials. And people should know that Steve Jobs couldn’t write a line of code to save his life but still ended up becoming a major visionary for the most successful technology company in history. It is amazing what vision alone can accomplish !

Gary St. Fleur

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