How Corruption Triumphs

There is this perception that people have concerning the nature of corruption. Corruption is viewed as this mercury like evanescence that is impossible to lay hold of or route out. We think that the powerful are powerful because of things like money or political connections. We can’t really point exactly to how money or political connections control people, but we believe it just the same. The truth is far from this? In fact, the truth may astonish you

The Corrupt Depend On Our Complacency

It is a fascinating lesson regarding human nature when you observe this phenomenon. The phenomenon in question is the ability for a small number of people to control a large mass of individuals. It should be obvious why this is strange. The masses outnumber the supposed powerful but yet they still obey the “powerful”. Why? Well, the powerful use the threat of force. But it is important for them to only select individuals and apply this to them solely. If the whole collective ever felt threaten and reacted then the “powerful” would pack up and leave town in a hurry. Nothing is more fearful and dreadful than an angry mob. And if you want to know what an angry mob can do just take a look at what happen to Baltimore and Furguson. Here you see a bunch of African-American beside their selves with rage. They decide to burn down their own city and what becomes of it? Where they arrested? Where they held to task? Was the National Guard called? Nope. The police just stood there and watched. Why? Because governments know that their worst nightmare is a mob of angry citizens. The Corrupt count on the citizens being complacent and frightened to maintain power. They give the people just enough to keep them quiet. Is there a remedy?

The Truth

The corrupt can only accomplish what they set out to do with the permission of the people through the people’s non-activity. The question ultimately is how much is your life, families and children worth? I assume that these things are priceless. They are priceless but we mistakenly give them up by letting the powers that be rule the day. The families of the corrupt are allowed to have the best and your families struggle. My response to all of this is “why!?” Why should they have the best and the rest of the people suffer with less!? In the end of the day, we are all going to die anyway. The only thing that really counts is what we do in the expanse of time we have between the cradle and the grave. I’ll be damned if anyone took the food from my children’s table or my children’s mouth. Scrantonians your response should be very much the same! If the corrupt want to be corrupt, let them be so, but not with our permission. Not at the expense of our livelihood and not at the expense of the people we care about!

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