Elusive Obvious

Well, it is not entirely elusive. It goes without saying that everyone in Scranton and the nepa area knows what the problem with Scranton is. What does remain elusive is the remedy to Scranton’s problems. The area has been so conditioned to thinking that things can never change that the idea of progress seems fleeting. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We witness progress occurring all over this country but for some reason there are those that think Scranton in immune to change. So what makes Scranton so unique?

People are the same everywhere

If you do enough traveling, you will find a particular truth about human nature. No matter where you go you will find that people are still people. They are fundamentally the same. There are no special groups of people. Human psychology is to same worldwide. There is no difference between the people of Scranton and the people in any other region in the USA. Take Brooklyn for example. This place used to be considered one of the most underhanded places in America. In the late 80s and early 90s, crime was at an all time high in NYC and if you go back to the 70s, people really believed that NYC has lost its luster permanently. NYC was facing bankruptcy and 42nd street looked like a decaying European city. Brooklyn was teeming with street gangs and crimes. The murder rate was at an all time high. If you told anyone what the future would hold for NYC in just a matter of years, no one would believe you. If you come to NYC now, you will see that the entire city has changed for the better. Brooklyn has especially become an international cultural icon. What happened? It is all about creating the proper conditions for change and those conditions have more to do with the mentality of the people than anything else. Are the people in Brooklyn any different from the people in Scranton? Absolutely not!

How change happens?

Change really comes from a mindset. If you ask any successful person what it takes to succeed, they will tell you the same thing – believing in the promise of change. The belief in the possibility of change is what sparked every social revolution, invention, or great idea in the history of mankind. People wanted more and once that desire was born it became impossible to not fulfill it. I want to ask the Scranton people what are their desires? What do they want? What are you passionate about? Everyone has dreams and passions. From those dreams are the beginnings of every feat of greatness we have ever witnessed. The people that we think are special are only special in the fact that they were willing to relentlessly pursue their goals despite the odds. Think of the odds that faced other people that were no different than you. It is the strength of the human spirit that creates the conditions for change. Once we have the conditions for it, the rest is inevitable. Look outside of Scranton and see what occurs regularly. See how progress and change happens all over in leaps and bounds. Once you do that really ask yourself, what is so unique about Scranton that it cannot change? Even Detroit is sbetter these days.


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