Let’s Dare To Grow

Old Habits Die Hard

After living in North-Eastern Pennsylvania for about 6 years now, one thing has been made very clear to me by the locals. Scranton has always been this way and it’s never going to change. In the 6 years I’ve been here, I have seen no changes. It’s the same routine every single day. I can honestly say I have never met anyone who has said, “Scranton has always been this way. I love it! I hope it stays this way forever!” We all seem to have a common thoughts about the need for change in Scranton. However, no one has faith the area will change or the willingness and drive to change it.

Content with being Content

The majority of Scranton are elderly. Why is that? The answer, in my opinion, is pretty obvious. The new generation of people in Scranton have a need for diversity, change, and a shiny, new city to call home. The old generation has been raised to remain silent, content, and understand that this how it will always be. This new generation floating to the top of the water, is hungry, but not hungry enough. We see the need for change and want it to be different, but instead of standing up and realizing we have the power in our hands, we find ways to cope. What does a young, 20-something do in Scranton? Drink copious amounts of alcohol or do some sort of illegal drug. I have seen many new bars come into this area and thrive, but I have seen minimal growth of any positive business that will benefit the people. This keeps us silent and makes us content with how things are temporarily. Until reality sets in and the drunk/high feeling wears off. Then, those of us that are a part of this new generation, make the decision to either continue finding ways to cope with this depressed, unchanging area, OR we make the more popular decision. We move away to a better place. We either cope and become content or we find new scenery. There’s no in between.

Filling in the Gap

There’s only one way to fix the issue of Scranton. We have to stop coping. Coping to be content is no way to live. Instead, we need to stand up and make this place the thriving, changing, and exciting place it could be. We only get one chance at life. There’s so much that can be accomplished here. Start helping out your neighbors, if you have the ability to. Show them kindness and positivity in this sad, gloomy area. Show them that change is possible and necessary for the survival of Scranton and its people. Start forming relationships with new people who have an eagerness for change. Build them up and show them how they can help change this area for the better. We still have certain freedoms as American citizens. It’s time to make use of that freedom and do something about these very blatant issues. Stand up, help out, do more, BE MORE.

Renee Pair

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