Power To The Scranton People

As the government continues to warrant a failing grade in its inability to provide a vision for the city of Scranton, we must come to terms with the undeniable fact that the future of the city does not rest with the local government. The people of Scranton are the bedrock of this entire city and are far more viable than anything that functions within the framework of the local government. The shops, bars, restaurants and stores take it upon themselves to host events and invigorate the community. It is amazing to see the inspiration and motivation that flows through this city. This all brings to mind that the only things standing in the way of this city being even more amazing is the local government. We can be honest and say that the city of Scranton would be better off with less interference by the local government. Now, let’s imagine what would happen if we had less local government?

Empowering the People

Our lot is with the Scranton people. The people who live here, and the people who move here, are the future of this city. The truth is that the government does more harm by creating obstacles for the production and sustenance of progress in this city. There are countless entrepreneurs in the city who have complaints about the Scranton government’s intrusive and destructive tendencies. The high taxes and fees are crushing. Businesses flee in order to avoid the outrageous cost. The local government’s budget only pads the situation horrible financial situation of the city because there is no way for the city to tax its way out of its fiscal crisis. The solution is for the people of Scranton to come together as a community and fix this situation by themselves. Why wait for better days when you can create better days in the here and now? This is why Save Scranton routinely reaches out to local businesses and community leaders to hear their concerns. We are of the mind that the people are the most precious resource in any society. The unity of the people is the most powerful force in the planet. It is the same force that founded this country. The motto “power to the people” is not some empty platitude, but a real idea with tremendous force.

We Can And We Will

I am happy to have met so many wonderful people in Scranton. I know that together we will make this city an amazing place. It is understandable that change can be a frightful and scary thing. It doesn’t have to be. We look around this country, and even the world, and see so many amazing ideas and opportunities that can be brought here to Scranton. We are making a change for the better. I do not know the rest of you, but I trust my neighbor far more than any politician. It is for this reason I turn to my fellow Scrantonian to say that we can make a difference. We will continue to go forward and make this city great again!


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