A Vision of Scranton

We have the technology, resources, ability, knowledge and science. What would Scranton look like if we incorporated all of this into modernizing the city? Well, hold on to your bootstraps because I will tell you just that.

Scranton Tomorrow

Scranton will have solar-powered street lights that not only turn on automatically but save energy and cost to the people of Scranton. This is in addition to the green initiatives incorporated into the city from solar technology, composting and recycling things like garbage and water. New homes will be built that feature integrated z-wave technology. This means you can literally speak to your home. It will heat, cool, wash, dry, and even make coffee at your command. You can even time all of this so you do not have to remember to ask your house to make the coffee. If you commute, you do not have to worry because the new buses will be entertainment centers that also happen to drive themselves. Speaking of entertainment, movie theaters will be Virtual Reality centers now and there will be centers were you can play virtual reality games for fun. Restaurants, shops, museums, hotels, galleries, and stages will dot the landscape because Scranton will be quite the tourist attraction. Why? Well, everyone wants to be in the city that utilizes technology within its infrastructure so innovatively. The commute to NYC will be 15 minutes on the hyper loop, a high-speed form of travel that allows you to travel 750mph.. How is the government going to afford this? No worry, the government will not have to pay for these things because the private sector will build and operate them. In fact, the Scranton government will now do its best to foster creativity, ingenuity and innovation by getting out-of-the-way of the people and letting them create. Self-driving cars will be the norm and they will all be electric. This is in part thinks to Tesla who would undoubtedly move to Scranton to take advantage of the 5 major highways that intersects this commercial hub. Tesla is not the only one. Countless tech start-ups will converge on Scranton because of its well designed commercial ecosystem that is derived from being close to financial centers, tech centers, shipping centers and the highway systems. Biotechnology companies will take advantage of the incorporation of technology into the medical field which will drive the cost of medical care lower making healthcare affordable to all. Scranton would be an ideal place for many companies. The local colleges and university will not be able to keep up pace with the demand for training so boot camps that teach skills in programming, graphic design and information systems will spring up. Their sole purpose will be to give Scrantonians the skills that are currently in demand in the market. As salaries raise, spas, fitness studios, and yoga studios will become common place as well as other luxurious amenities like the diverse servings of 5 star restaurants.

This is not a test

The description that I gave above is not a fantasy. To prove it, I will list all the technologies I am talking about as well as a link to confirm below. This is doable and we should not settle for anything less. Scranton embrace the future, your future.

Solar powered street lights (here)

Solar Energy Government Programs (here)

Smart homes (here)

Z-wave Technology(here)

Recycled water(here)

Virtual Reality (here)


Self-driving cars(here)

Self-driving buses (here)

Bootcamps being the new education(here)

Future of Medicine(here)


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