Everyone Agrees

I was passing out fliers today and conversing with the locals about their thoughts on what’s going on in Scranton. The opinions were uniform; Everyone was in agreement that the government has no money, was heading toward bankruptcy and that dramatic change was needed. They also went on ranting about how the government was corrupt along with the entire NEPA area. It was not the most uplifting or optimistic of experiences. Nevertheless, I was taken aback by two things. One was the surprising fact that absolutely no one was okay with how the government is being ran, the excessive taxes and the way things are done in Scranton. The second was this lingering notion that nothing could change!

This is America

Learned helplessness is the condition where people begin believing they are in fact helpless after repeated attempts to take action. What we have in America is political learned helplessness. Our forefathers long ago stated quite clearly that governments are instituted by the people and serve at the pleasure of the people. People empower the government, not the other way around. There are thousands of you and only a couple of hundred of those who fill the ranks of government. How can so few of number refuse the will of a collective whole!? I hear some of you say you are fearful because the city will move against those who speak out against. Again, how can this city move against thousands? Consider that when the people of Ferguson went wild with rage and fury, there were hardly any arrests made. The city of Ferguson watch as their city burned and then the local government were later investigated by FBI in order to figure out what cause the people to go mad. The people are far mightier than any government; our forefathers have already established that.

IT’S 2015

We will move on to a new year and I want everyone to move into it with a new vision. Do not let injustice go unchecked. Anything that bothers you is legitimate and you have every right to be upset. Do not accept things as they are when you know they can be better. There are countless people in this country enjoying the things that the people of Scranton can enjoy. Other places are not more deserving. The ranks and file who are in the Scranton government have had their full of the public coffers. It is time that they share! It is time that the money that is in the government flow back to the people. It belongs to the people anyway! It is the money that the people worked far, that the people earned. It is only fair that the people of Scranton obtain some relief. This is why we at Save Scranton have moved to do just that. The plan has been drafted and we are now ready to move. Change will come to Scranton and this city will be a beacon in this valley. I thank the Scranton people for the patience but they have waited long enough!



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