What If Government Functioned Like Technology?

I want you to imagine something with me for a moment: what if government functioned like technology? You know that sector that is always coming up with break through after break through and making things faster while at the same time being cheaper? Yeah, what if government did the same thing? What if we did not have to imagine any of this?

The March of the out of touch

The technology sector is booming and thriving but you will not hear this from the halls of government. Why? Well, the people who fill the ranks and file of government are not tech savvy. Few engineers go into government and I know that most programmers would rather code in silence then deal with government. What you have then is a bunch of people who have little understanding of science, technology or engineering in government making policies about the future. Yes, these people who do not even know the difference between an android and an iOS are going to make decisions about the future. Is it any wonder our society exhibits so little In the way of innovation? Sure, we may create the science and technology but we do not use it. We created the science for the bullet train but we do not have even one functioning bullet train in the US. We created the technology for supersonic travel but we have planes in operation that are 20 years old. We think it is wise to give a 18 year old a quarter million dollars in debt, but we will not give a young Mark Zuckerberg a quarter million dollars to create Facebook. We do things like this then complain about the lack of job creation and economic growth we are supposed to have. If we take a look into the past, we will see that it has always been innovation that allowed for job creation. The truth is we spend hardly any money on innovation. We would rather spend money on debt and insurance than innovation.

What we need to do?

We need that pioneering spirit that we had when this country was founded. We were not content to wait for something to happen. We were pioneers. Many of the inventions we created was from sheer necessity and I believe the same ethic should rule today. Travel should be faster and cheaper. Our houses should be redesigned. We should have a bullet train from the east coast to the west. We have the technology and the resources; we have no excuse for not having these things. We could have super sonic travel. Imagine if you could live in London and commute to NYC because travel time would only be a whopping half an hour(supersonic jet promises travel from London to New York in half an hour)! We need to stop being afraid of the future and embrace it. We can have an advance society where all our needs are met- yes we have the technology for it. But this will never happen while the people in government are living in a bubble where people still use the desktop to do searches. (since September 2015 more searches are accomplished via mobile phone for the first time in history.)


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