The ballot is stronger than the bullet

Everything that we can possibly conceive  of importance regarding our lives is determined by the ballot. It is not a small matter to vote. In fact, American history has been punctuated by revolutions over this very subject. It was of utmost important to be able to vote and for those votes to be counted. The idea was that the vote carried with it all hopes of tomorrow and it determined the future for every citizen. Is this still the case in America today?

Yes! We the people rule!

The American government was established with the idea that the citizens would participate in elections. There is no provision for what should happen when the citizens do no vote. I guess the fore fathers took it for granted that there would come a time when Americans would not want to exercise their precious right to vote. We have become so far removed from the fervor that was exhibited by the American revolutionaries that we have lost sight how important voting is. There was a time when voting was considered a patriotic endeavor, back when people thought of this country with pride. The headlines of today read that apathy has consumed the voting bloc. The interesting thing about all this is that only 50% of Americans vote for national elections and even less vote for local elections. We do not all vote but we want to obtain some sort of result that only comes from voting. Sadly, this is not how our country was designed.

Voting is Our Duty

Voting should be at the forefront of everyone minds. If you love your children, your neighbors, your friends then you must vote. There are real decisions being made in the halls of government that directly affect you and yours. Do not be mistaken in this matter. We are not like those other countries were votes do not count for anything. Our votes do count! Our voices do matter. We cannot look at the holidays with the many blessings we have received and forget one of the most precious blessings we have at our disposal the power to vote. We have the power to turn anything around. We can do this.

We speak with our actions

It is important to realize that talking only goes so far. A person can claim anything with his words, but it is his or her deeds that really demonstrate where they stand. We cannot speak about the blessings of liberties, the greatness of America and shirk our responsibility to vote. The people of America are wholly responsible for the fate of America. This is probably the only country in the world of which this can be said. We owe it not only to ourselves, families, neighbors and countryman, but to the world to show that a government can be ruled by the people. We are the greatest example of democracy the world has ever seen and it is on us to prove that government by the people is the safest and surest form of government there is. Vote! #SaveScranton

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