The Lies We Are Told

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a local Scrantonian about the future of Scranton. He began telling me how nothing in Scranton can change because you need money to change things. This is something you will hear often. I asked him, “where did he get that idea from”, and he said it was obvious. Is it Really?


Stalin often said that if you tell a lie often enough and loud enough people will begin to believe it. This is true with the idea about money being a cure-all. If money was a cure-all, how did people like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Marc Anderessen, Sean Parker, or Larry Page compete with establish companies who had billions of dollars at their disposal? They not only competed but they won. The lies we are told are quite prevalent. People believe them only because they heard them often enough- Someone heard it from someone else who in turn heard it from someone else. Enough people begin saying the same thing over and over again, all of a sudden it becomes a universal truth. But the reality is it is not true just because many people believe it or say it. Money is not nearly as important as ideas. Do you think the Wright brothers invented airplanes because they had the most money? Henry Ford beat out all the competition when he first started his car company because he had better ideas. Ideas are what allowed Steve Jobs to change computing forever. Ideas are what allowed Elon Musk to create Space X, Solar City, and Tesla. Ideas are what allowed America to become as great as it is today. And it will be ideas that take it to higher echelons like never before.


The truth is we are far more capable than we can ever imagine. A single person can change the entire world. The average person is not average in their ability because there is one thing that all of us can do better than everyone else. We are all geniuses in that one thing. There is nothing inherently different about the area of Scranton or the people who populate this area. The great battle is really in the mind. I am often told by people in Scranton that I am too optimistic. The reality is the Scranton people have been taught to be too pessimistic. The future belongs to those who dare to try! Those who are willing to take that bold step forward and weather the storm of uncertainty. New technologies are happening every day. New ideas are being generated everyday. There is no reason why these technologies or ideas cannot be brought to Scranton. We now have the technology to create an entire House in 24 hours! The apathy of this age is all an illusion. The truth is that we have the power. It is the people who will decide the fate of our society. But in order to make sure that we make the right decision, we must be involved. We must participate. We must make our voice count! If you do so, I promise you all those lies will evaporate right before your eyes.

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