Why Does The Scranton Government Have Any Legitimacy?

The life blood of any government is the acknowledgment of the people. It is the people that give credibility to the government. It is the people who pay the wages of government employees. It is for this reason the government must in turn serve the people. The government of Scranton has proven itself incompetent, unfaithful and untrustworthy. It has pillaged the city for its own personal gain like a Kingdom. The Good people of Scranton have suffered in silence, longing for change. The current administration proves itself unwilling of any change or progress. Their only interest is to their selves and the unions they are slaves to. Have we forgotten the words of our own Declaration of Independence? How it reads that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

When was the last time the government of Scranton secured your interest? When was the last time the Scranton Government made you proud? When the last time the government of Scranton did something that was did not benefit its self alone? The government of Scranton does not function as a democratic republic. It is more like a kingdom. It would be more at home in North Korea or maybe Iran, but not America. The treason of the Scranton Government makes Benedict Arnold seem quaint in comparison. Countless people come to us and tell us of the many crimes of this government. The soulless bunch who have conspired against the good people of Scranton have been exposed. The entire city is a witness!

The buildings of this city rot while the police department looks luxurious. The roads are decayed and crumbling while the municipal building is radiant. The words echoing from the streets are that Scranton is the place dreams go to die! We have had enough. This government does not deserve our support. It does not deserve our money. It does not deserve our taxes. It does not deserve anything from us. No wonder why no one wants to vote, and so many are depressed, losing faith in the American dream. This government has robbed the patriotism clean out of the hearts of the good people of Scranton. This great people have lost hope because of the many wrongs that they see the Scranton government conducts daily.
We the people of Scranton will make a better Scranton. We will decide for ourselves the proper course of action for this city. We will chart a course where the streets will be paved. Where business will open and jobs will be created. The Scranton economy will be booming because it does not take much for Scranton to be great again! Technology companies will fall over each other to come here. The young people in college will never have to leave because there will be employment opportunities before they even leave school. Stores will open up by the dozens and downtown will be teeming with people from all over. The vision for the new Scranton is clear. We all know that the policies of the Scranton Government are incompetent and dishonest. The lies, theft and corruption of The Scranton Government are known to anyone who steps foot in this city for a millisecond. The Scranton government has no legitimacy. We will no longer acknowledge it. The only government in Scranton is the people of Scranton. #SaveScranton

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