Scranton Sewer Authority To Be Sold To Fund Pensions

The Scranton Government has done a great job of insuring that the city goes bankrupt through its mismanagement and poor leadership. Now, that we see their handy work, they are now going to sell the sewer authority to pay government staffers. Yes, that means that the tax payer will again pay for the misdeeds of the Scranton government or what I like to call the Kingdom of Scranton.

The Sewer Authority had a public hearing today where wave after wave of resident Scrantonains begged the board not to sell the authority. The board has absolutely no answers. They did not know what the net balance of the sale would be. They did not know what the true value of the sewer authority is. They didn’t even know if this was the best decision for the future of the city. They threw a public hearing at 1pm in the middle of a Tuesday and told everyone they will be deciding in 30 days. Why would they decide this in only 30 days! How would the Scranton people be able to even analyze the proposal in only 30 days! Why would a for profit enterprise purchase an asset without knowing how to exploit it for profit? It is obvious what is going on here. The Scranton Government is going to sell government assets and use it to line their pockets. We already know that most of the government budget goes to salaries anyway. This means that the people of Scranton will have to suffer under higher fees to insure that the government employees live comfortably. I am not opposed to anyone having a comfortable retirement. But why should this experience only belong to the people in the Scranton government!? Shouldn’t everyone have a shot at a comfortable retirement? The truth of the matter is that the Scranton people will have to suffer with low employment opportunities, higher taxes , fees, and a longer time in the work force because they are not able to afford retirement. Everyone in Scranton knows that this is the truth. The people of Scranton know that the government operates like a Kingdom. Most Scrantonians hope for the future is to leave Scranton as soon as possible. The reality of the situation is that the people of Scranton do not have to leave.

Instead, why not have the people in the government leave! Rise up! We can put every ordinance that the government passes to a public ballot. Everyone will be willing to sign! We will lower taxes and bring the budget into balance. Anyone who is opposed to this is happy to leave Scranton. The people of Scranton will no longer extend credit to this failing government. The Scranton people have tolerated this unjust government enough. We must take a stand. We will not pay a cent more to this government until it behaves fairly. We will not keep giving to a government that is only doing worse and worse. None of the initiatives they are working on does anything for the people of Scranton except increase the cost of living in a dying city! Enough!
Gary St. Fleur

3 thoughts on “Scranton Sewer Authority To Be Sold To Fund Pensions

    • Let them use their own money to do bad deals. I say we don’t pay any taxes to the Scranton government. They cannot do anything to us if everyone said no.

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