Scranton Government Spends 90% of its budget on Salaries!

Yes, this bankrupt city is paying its self while the city is dwindling and falling to pieces. The city is hastily rushing into oblivion and instead of attempting to solve the problem the Scranton, Pennsylvania government is acerbating it.

Look at these Numbers!

Here we have an image of the supposed 2016 budget. I say “supposed” because if you look closely there are quite a bit of questionable things wrong with this budget. The most glaring is the disparity between 2015 actuals up to Sept 2015,projected 2015 budget and the projected budget for 2016. Even if I knew nothing of the line items, how is it possible that I am to believe that on Sept 2015 the actual revenue was 69,410,670 but it will somehow jump 20 million to reach the projected 2015 revenue of 89,598,625 by years end. Furthermore, the 2015 Projections has two loans (TAN- anticipation notes and bond proceeds) that are never going to come given the city of Scranton’s less than junk status. Now, if we look at 2016 Projected budget, we see the entire budget jumping from a 2015 actual of 69,410,670 to a projected 132,210,869 2016 revenue(including more TANs and another “bond” of 30 million coming from who knows where). The people running the government of the city of Scranton are either financial wizards who should run a hedge fund asap or the more likely answer is their crooks. Why do I bring this up? I want you to keep in mind that the actual revenues for the city of Scranton are somewhere around 69,410,670 million dollars. Please keep this in mind when we look to see where most of this money is going!

Bureau of Fire
Total Compensation
Bureau of Police
Total Compensation
Bureau of Administration
Total Compensation
Bureau of Refuse
Total Compensation
Bureau of Administration/public
Total Compensation
Bureau of highways
Total Compensation
City Council/City Clerk
Total Compensation
City Controller
Total Compensation
Bureau of Human Resources
Total Compensation
Bureau of Technology
Total Compensation
Office of Mayor
Total Compensation
Bureau of Treasury
Total Compensation
Economic Development
Total Compensation
License and Permits
Total Compensation
Bureau of Building
Total Compensation
Legal Department
Total Compensation
Department of Engineering
Total Compensation
Bureau of Garage
Total Compensation
Bureau of Park and Rec
Total Compensation
Tax Office
Total Compensation

These are all just compensation. Yes, just compensation! If this is not shocking, I really do not know what is. It is clear that the City of Scranton is being used as a personal piggy bank for government employees while tax payers are suffering with excessive taxation and fees. This is where the tax dollars are going! The city has 2/3rd of its citizens living in poverty! 38% subsist on a fixed income. 20% live below the poverty line. The pension is 80% underfunded. Businesses are closing one after the other and the government has a rating lower than junk.  If we take the total compensation and divide it by 2015’s actual, we get 90%! If you are reading this please share this to everyone you know. Share it with the press and please contact the Department of Justice because this cannot be legal. What is worse is that we did not even touch debt and interest expenses. The city owes a towering 400 million in long term liabilities.

Gary St. Fleur

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