Do Something!

It appears that there is this notion that in the face of corruption, malfeasance and injustice that nothing can be done. The problems seem so large and we so small. This notion is a complete and utter delusion. We number in the millions. We have technology and resources that revolutionaries in the past did not have. We have everything at our disposal to rectify any wrong. The only thing that is missing is our will. We have lost our confidence.

In Your Mind

The other day I was caught up in a discussion with a local Scrantonain about what I was working on. I told him that Scranton is going to change for the better and we will make it so. He begins to make pessimistic remarks about how it is not possible to change Scranton because of things like money. This idea that he spouted is a very superstitious notion that is not backed up by the evidence. If money was all powerful and the possession of it was needed to mount an effective campaign how did the people succeed in the Arab spring, civil rights marches, American revolution, occupying wall street, etc.. People are far more important than money! People are far more powerful than money! We have people and that is enough. This learned helplessness that we now manifest is all in our heads. We think we are not capable for doing something because it hasn’t been done before. Therefore, we do not try. But NEWS FLASH, anything that is awesome and innovative has never been done before! Facebook has never been done before! SpaceX has never been done before! Airbnb has never been done before! Uber has never been done before! Something never being done before only means it about damn time that it gets done. We are buying into a bill of ideas about our own ineffectuality that is a complete and utter illusion. We have become spectators when we are the very bearers of change. It is right in our hands.

The New Revolution

The New Revolution will not be televised. It will be tweeted! We have the power to bring any organization to their knees with the technologies we utilize every day. We are constantly being told by authority figures and elders that the young are not competent or wise, even though the young have built some of the most innovative and greatest companies in the world. Facebook was built by a 19 year old! Microsoft was built by a 20 year old! And a 21 year old Steve Jobs built Apple! So what I have to tell you today is do something! Do not relent, do not be deterred. Your voice is powerful, and combined with others, it can shake this entire world. Do something! Anything! Tweet, write, share, comment, assemble, protest,donate, video tape, upload, design, handout fliers, march, speak, rally, unite, trend! Do not merely reside to the idea that your action is not impactful. A mere struck of a butterfly’s wings can cause a tornado. Imagine what the full affect of all our efforts will be? Why should we let our cities and municipalities fail, when we have the power, technology, know-how, resources, and ability to save them?

Gary St. Fleur

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