What’s The Breaking Point?

The founders of this country were struck with ire and conviction, going so far as to rid themselves of their own government. What was it that was so bad that they took such drastic action? The founders of this country revolted over taxes, lack of representation and a breach of individual sovereignty through quartering. What pervades many cities in our society goes far pass these transgressions. In Scranton, you have sky high taxes, stolen property, mismanagement, blatant corruption, government waste, fraud, incompetence, blight and a government that uses the public dole as a personal bank. What is the reaction to all of this?

The Revolution

The American Revolution was conducted with no internet, no mobile phones, no youtube, no gopro cams, no cable news and no crowd sourcing. They had to marshal the people into a collective force and fight the most powerful country in the world at the time. Paul Revere had to go on horseback to deliver a message that we can deliver through a tweet. They had to go to town hall meetings and speak to the people individually. There were no gofundme campaigns to seek additional supplies. Despite not having all of these modern amenities, America won. We have more citizens, more technology, more resources, and more means of communication and yet people are being lead to believe that they are helpless. We are not helpless. We are more powerful than any local force. The greatest weapon the corrupt have is the belief that they are powerful. How do you keep a mass of people at bay? You do so by making sure they never know they are a mass of people. You make them believe that they are individuals that need to bear the brunt of any injustice alone. We are not alone. We are the most connected people in the history of mankind. The internet has permitted us to find people who share any opinion and form a group with them.

The New Revolution

There only needs to be a shift of perspective. All we need to do is act. If you are fed up then act! None action is our only enemy. Once we come together and agree on one common goal, we can accomplish anything. Let’s take a page out of our own history. The greatest barrier to progress is us and our limited belief in each other. We no longer remember that we are a great nation filled with great people. There is a reason why our economy towers over everyone else. There is a reason that the most ionic brands have been created by us. We have all the ingenuity and know-how to solve any problem. The only thing there really is to fear is fear itself. We can create a better country, a greater country. I want all my fellow Scrantonians and Americans to act in accordance with what they believe America is capable of. What they know it is capable of. This country is what it is because of us and if it has gone awry it is our duty to bring it back to its proper course!

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