Public Pension Crisis: the problem

2 thoughts on “Public Pension Crisis: the problem

    • I will Save Scranton by utilizing topographical characteristics to its advantage. This is in addition to tapping into the youthful population that number in 50,000 who are clamoring for jobs. Where will these jobs come from? The city needs to be more business friendly and form strategic analysis with the technology community. Investments in technology have demonstrated the ability to take small contributions that turn into massive returns for society. The city can focus on growth instead of survival. It can chart of course towards progress instead of a meager subsistence. We have five major highways that intersect this city, Within two hours are 90 million Americans. There are countless businesses and manufacturing companies that would love to move here. With the advances that are being seen in technology, countless companies are popping everyday who are looking for a place to test drive their products and establish their best of operations. Scranton is only a couple of hours from NYC, New Jersey, and Philadelphia; there is no reason why Scranton shouldn’t be an economic Mecca. It ideal but we need leadership with vision and understanding. The current administration displays none of this. Their website alone looks like it was made in 1998. There are no innovative ideas, understanding of current trends, or even a definite course towards progress. We meed to get our fiscal house in order, stop the bleeding, and make sensible legislation. This is how I will Save Scranton. It will start when the Scranton people rise up and follow us!

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