How to Save Scranton

I have quite a number people telling me that they are completely on board with Save Scranton but do not know how to do it. Well, what I am about to say applies to every city, not just Scranton. Yes, any city in America can be radically altered for the better. It does not matter what barriers to progress the particular city faces; it can all be overcome.

How To Save A Dying City

The first problem with Scranton, as with most American cities, is that the people that make up the government have no vision. And when I say no vision, I mean absolutely no vision. The reason for this is because many of the people who make up the rank and file of government have little knowledge of the current trends in technology, business, or economy. The jobs of the future are going to come from innovation and technology, but if you do not know these things, how can you adequately prepare for these advances? There are countless of technologies that are being developed that can employee large numbers of people. Elon Musk wants to build a form of high speed travel called the hyper loop. Building these across America would not only employee large number of people because someone needs to actually build the hyper loops, but it will also create increase means for mobility which will in turn create more economic activity. Consider how the interstate highway system benefitted commerce. Now, think about that but only faster. People would travel more and be able to commute longer distances, creating more opportunities for economic exchange. The amount of economic activity that this one venture would produce is enormous. Now, consider that they are countless of innovations and technologies like it that if employed effectively can create jobs for everyone.

If It Is So Simple then…

Yes, It is that simple. The problem is that habits are very hard to break. The habit of government officials is to do things that require little vision and leadership. How many individuals in government are tech savvy? How many of them really know what the next frontier in innovation will be? Many politicians have their jobs because of their abilities to over promise and under deliver. The citizenry is so accustomed to this that they no longer react to the glaring discrepancy unmet promises. The good news is that all of this is resolvable. The Scranton people do not have to accept what the government offers. The government works for the people, not the other way around. We pay their salaries and as with any service that we do not like we case decide to no longer pay. Consider how many people are in government and how many people make up the public? There is not even a comparison in terms of numbers. The Scranton government is made up of about 400-500 people. How many Scrantonians are there? 76,000. If only 1% decided to think differently and force a change in government, this city would around. Where is my 1%?

Gary St. Fleur

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