City Council Visit

Went to city council yesterday for the budget hearing where I spoke on the budget and explain the need for reform. Local news reporter for the tribune Jim Lockwood takes down my name and asks about When I look at the article that came out today talking about the hearing, my name and is not mentioned!!!! Why did he want to know my name!?

4 thoughts on “City Council Visit

  1. Everyone knows Jim Lockwood is part of the curruption. He gets paid by the mayor and his people. You are better off contacting independent news agencies. I support everything you are doing! Please liberate us from the curruption that plagues this city. #SAVESCRANTON

  2. Jim Lockwood is the biggest sell out of all time. He is pro local government because he is on the payroll of the thugs that high jacked Scranton’s government. He should be ashamed of himself for selling the city out! How do you sleep at night? Did your parent raise you to be this scum?

  3. jim lockwood is a dirty bag and so is the times tribune. They are all corrupted. They would like nothing better than to see the city sucked dried to it last dime by the mayor and friends. Jim you are nothing but a two timer! You were a loser in your youthfull years and you still are a loser today!

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