Death Stalks Scranton

This city is dying! It appears that there are two different stories being told. One story is that Scranton is making bold moves to an undefined innovative future by doing things that no one really understands. The other story is that this City is on a course to annihilation; The Newspaper says (here), the general auditor says (here), and the people of Scranton say(here). The question ultimately boils down to which story is correct?

Simplest Terms

I will put this in the simplest terms possible to avoid the wrangling that is going on. Scranton is going to go bankrupt. Scranton cannot afford to pay its bills. In fact, Scranton has no money. Of course, many people will ask how does Scranton operate with no money? By raising taxes, borrowing at high interest rates, and selling off government assets! This will not alleviate the situation; it will only buy time. It appears that many people are in denial. They refuse to accept that the city is on life support and that the future is bleak. They think that some saving grace will appear on the horizon and will save this city. There will be no such saving grace. The people of Scranton need to be quite clear about what is happening. THE CITY OF SCRANTON HAS NO MONEY!!!!

How To Balance A Budget

Do not give out more than you take in, period! Do not let anyone tell you that there is no way to balance a budget except through taxation. That is like a corporation saying there is no way to save money but to charge our customers higher cost. In standard economics, when a business begins raising prices highly, the customer simply does not accept the service any longer. Taxing your way out of mounting debts is impossible. We need to cut cost! Lenders demand it! There is only so much the people can take before they either refuse to pay or simply move. The City can hold on to their real estate, but what is the worth of an inventory of decaying homes? Nothing!

People of Scranton

The lot is on you to do something about this. We can change the fate of this city and keep it from being destroyed. We have the power. Our first priority is to unify and come together as Scrantonians. This is our last shot! If this ship is going to sink, it should sink with us fighting to the bitter end. I want the people of Scranton to know that everything lies within their hands. There thousands of us! The force of the people is the mightiest force in this nation! It is what liberated this country in the first place! Before a watching world, Let us fight and bring this city up from the ashes. Let us make this City the Great City we all know it can be.#savescranton

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