25 thoughts on “Save Scranton Podcast #1

  1. City unions/worker are not the cause of the citys financial problems. Everyone works and deserves to get paid a pension. If the city decides to take our money and spend it too bad. They need to find it and pay us!

    • Yes. The cause is mismanagement by the government. Mismanagement to this degree requires drastic action. In private sector when a company mismanages assets, they cannot go to the public and make up the short fall through taxation. For the city of scranton to survive the budget needs to be rebalanced and obligations needs to be reassessed. We should have fairness on all sides.

  2. I grew up in Scranton and when I was a child it was a beautiful place. Now this place is a dump. The cities conditions are similar to that of Detroit. Illegal immigrants are flocking to this area in hopes of Scranton being a safe haven. Why should anyone save this place when you can move? Good luck!

  3. Christine: you are right about the illegal immigrants moving to scranton. Over the past few years I have notice an increase in the mexican population in scracton. In fact, next door they are 8 mexicans living in a one bedroom apartment. I’m sure that is a safety hazard. Why doesn’t the city do something about that? Every year taxes goes up but the city seems to be getting worse off. I am just waiting for my kids to finish high school and my wife and I will be moving down south.

  4. The problem with Scranton is that there is gross curruption taking place. I have been here for the last 3 years attending the University of Scranton and everyone know it but refuses to say it. Most of my classmates would love to stay here and raise a family but there are no jobs or opportunities. I have been told on many occasions that if you are not well connected in Scranton then you should leave.

    • I have heard the same thing! It is high time that the rest of PA and the U.S see what’s going on in scranton. Share this site with your friends!

  5. In 2015, we saw a 19 percent hike on property tax. It was also proposed to enact a commuter tax. Our municipal garbage fees were increased from $178 to $300 per unit per year. Parking-meter rates jumped from 25 cents an hour, to $1.25 an hour. Rental-registration fees tripled. In 2016, property tax will once again rise 5.7 percent. Scranton again is planning to sell delinquent tax claims, this time for a $1.5 million infusion now from a firm that in exchange would receive future back-tax collections. The parking-meters were leased to a Tennessee company in exchange for upfront cash. There is talks about leasing the sewer authority and the city parking lots in Scranton. Despite all of this, the mayor and his cronies are all getting pay increases. The city unions are all in on this deal as well. The 2016 budget does not show any major cuts but is increasing spending. My friend, you are right about Scranton.

  6. Scranton is the epicenter of corruption. Courtright along with Louie DeNaples, Bob Mellow, et al, are the ringleaders. The corruption in this city stinks to high heavens.


  8. Its true many homes in Scranton look old and beat up, and many of the people here seem like theyre on public welfare, as well. For that reason, I am looking to move. Taxes are to high, I have noisy neighbors and I want to move somewhere where my house won’t be collapsing.

  9. Scranton motto should not be “Be Part of the Solution”. Instead it should read: “Scranton where the government live paycheck to paycheck, just like the rest of us.” Let the city file bankruptcy already and lets move on with life instead of taxing the hell out of people.

    • I do not want your pensions stolen. I have parents also. I believe less money should be in the hands of the government and more of it given back to the people- Including your pensions!

  10. I personally love Scranton that’s why I came up with a plan to save it…seriously there is like two churches per block in Scranton. Just tax the churches… O I forgot you cant their exempt! Ok… lets tax the pensions… O I forgot you cant their exempt to. Ok… now I’ve got it… lets tax the few people that’s not on SSI or some government benefit program! Genius… why didn’t I think of that sooner! Everyone is right just move out!

  11. Scranton, Pennsylvania, is one of those towns that attains an almost mythical status where the government is infallible, unions are untouchable, money is created out of thin-air, blue-collar people are always wrong and are punished for it, and a place where nobody wants to live.

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