Clear As Ice

Often times, what exactly is happening in government can be anyone’s guess. The bureaucratic maze is so complicated that most of us get frustrated. Even worse, if something bad is going on, how do we prove it? Good News! For Scranton, this is not the case!

It is almost as if this were planned. The situation is so obvious that a dog can sniff it from a mile away. The State Department of the Auditor General has clearly said that the pensions and retirement packages offered in Scranton are excessive. In fact, many of the rewards are the highest in the entire state of Pennsylvania!  State, as well as Federal agencies, are said to be looking into the matter, especially the double pension benefits being handed out. Whether it is because the government officials are incompetent, or they did this deliberately, there are people who have been unjustly compensated by the City Government through the taxpayer dollars.

Let me make sure you got that. The money that the government gives out to pensioners, retirees, and current employees of the Government is YOUR money. It is the money you have earned with your hard work and sacrifice. So where is the fairness? Why do we accept certain people to hoard money at the expense of everyone else?

Everyone says that this is the worst sort of corruption. Many of the honorable citizens of Scranton survive on fixed incomes and they are hurting right now. It is simply outrageous to tax these people to kingdom come. Furthermore, taxing our way out of this crisis will do nothing to get us out of the doghouse.  The people of Scranton have had enough!  They have given enough! Isn’t it about time the Government gave something back? Isn’t it time for the Government to do something to avoid Scranton being viewed as the laughing stock of Pennsylvania? Isn’t it time that the people of Scranton rise up with one voice in the face of this injustice?

There are already thousands of us who feel this way. We cannot rely on the State department or Federal agencies to do the work that we can do ourselves. We have the power of our voices and our actions! This is the very same power that liberated this country so many years ago. It is our American duty to fight all corruption, no matter where it takes place. It is our birthright to preserve the gift of liberty that has been given to us by our forefathers. The veterans who have shed their blood to protect our freedoms, they did not die so that we could sit idly and do nothing!

We CAN save this city! The first step is for the people of Scranton to believe in themselves and openly admit that enough is ENOUGH!

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