The Reckoning

It appears that the people of Scranton are being lied to. They are being told that the City is NOT hanging by a thread. There have been courageous voices that have defied the authority’s diversionary tactics. Sadly, their voices have gone unheard. The City is trapped in a time warp. “Business as usual” appears to be the defining theme, but what has this business brought for us?

The City is on the verge of major collapse. Many observers have compared it to Detroit and they would not be wrong. The City has a fiscal crisis with no clear end in sight.

Let me be clear, the city IS GOING TO COLLAPSE.

This is not speculation or ivory tower theorizing. For most people, the thought is to leave. In fact, the young do just that when they get the chance. For the people still here, the City appears to be determined to make up for the shortfall. This only means that those who are on a fixed income, and are incapable of leaving, will bear the brunt of the City’s demise.

The truth is clear. The City has promised lavish retirement packages to Unions, even though it cannot afford it. The pensions are underfunded because the beancounters were too optimistic with their little graphs and spreadsheets, thinking their investments were performing well. Joined with the lack of vision for the city, in terms of renewal and economic progress, we have a trifecta of destruction. In other words, we do not have money to give to these unions; even though the City still tries to do it with little revenue. And, we do not have the atmosphere to attract new business to Scranton so young people can stay and get hired right here.

Why come to Scranton? Why should anyone come to this city? Ask yourself honestly, if YOU could be anywhere in this country, would you pick this very location?

If your answer is no, and you chose somewhere else, then we need to be honest with ourselves. We have failed to do what we are capable of. We have failed to come together as a community, and work together to see this city succeed. Scranton has become a byword and a laughing stock. The country secretly holds its breath while it expects the worst of us.

THIS is the reckoning. The line has been drawn upon the sand.

We must face one of two inevitable outcomes. We will either do what it takes to save the city and prove we are better than everyone says we are. Or, WE WILL go bankrupt and FAILURE WILL be the epitaph sprawled across Scranton as its eternal legacy.

What will you choose?

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